As called , Twitter’s subtle new feature revealing from which customers tweets are shipped is currently embarrassing brands.

A since-deleted message contained the awkward tell-tale detail”Twitter to get iPhone,” suggesting the Huawei accounts had tweeted by an iPhone. The tweet has been replaced with yet another delivered from Twitter Media Studio customer, which can be designed for advertisers and brands and is not a ferocious competitor’s smartphone, but the harm was done.

The net being the world wide web, the gaffe has been detected and maintained by many enthusiastic men and women that had been to point out the contradiction. The error also gained plenty of focus on Chinese social media Weibo.

Embarrassed from the incident, the Chinese smartphone company has levied a fine on people responsible.

That is based on Reuters, that got its hands in an internal memo which shows that two workers accountable have had their wages reduced by 5,000 yuan (that is roughly $730). Additionally, one of the set — allegedly Huawei’s digital advertising manager — will get their earnings”suspended” for a year. While we do not know their entire salary packs and also a $730 fall might be less than the expense of an iPhone, it’s still bound to bite.

Worst of all, perhaps, it appears that they weren’t directly to blame for the error, which Huawei senior VP Chen Lifang stated had”caused harm to the Huawei brand”

The error happened when outsourced social networking handler Sapient undergone”VPN issues” using a desktop computer therefore utilized an iPhone using a roaming SIM card so as to send the message punctually , Huawei said in the memo.

The irony here is that Apple’s near-blanket prohibit on VPN programs means it’d likely have been easier to find access to Twitter with a Android cellphone. Instead, the bureau apparently went into the problem of obtaining a Hong Kong-based SIM card so as to jump within the Great Firewall and ship this finally ill-fated missive.

It is fun to joke about customer businesses relying upon their archrivals, but the episode comes at a particularly challenging period for Huawei.

However, its core company is also under stress.

Huawei might be best-known for its own smartphone industry, which ranked second in Q3 2018 using 14.6 market share based on IDC, but its own telecom gear unit has ever been its biggest vendor, and its future is unclear.