1. Facebook is the new crapware

Fresh off its most recent privacy scandal, the troubled social networking giant has inked a deal with Android to pre-install its app on an undisclosed number of phones and produce the program permanent. This means you will not have the ability to delete Facebook from these phones. Thanks, Facebook.

2. The world’s first foldable telephone is real

Chinese company Royole has conquered Samsung to the marketplace and has been showing a foldable phone/tablet this week at CES. While it’s not the most fluid encounter, the apparatus definitely functions at adapting to your requirements.

3. CES revokes award from female-founded sex tech company

Outcries of a double-standard are pouring from CES following the Consumer Tech Association revoked an award from a company aimed toward women’s sexual health.


Google went all in about the Assistant this year at CES. But what’s most exciting is that the expanded capabilities of Google’s Assistant. Soon you will have the ability to check into flights and interpret conversations on the fly with a simple”Hey Google.”

5. Rebranding WeWork won’t operate

The company previously called WeWork has shrunk into the We Company, but its new strategy has the potential to plunge the company further into debt.

6. Despite promises to prevent, US mobile carriers are still promoting your real-time phone location information

Last year a little-known company called LocationSmart came under fire following leaking location information from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint consumers to unethical customers. LocationSmart quickly buckled under public scrutiny and promised to stop selling consumer information, but few concentrated on another large player in the place tracking business: Zumigo.

7. The best and worst of all CES 2019

From monster screens to VR in automobiles, we are breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly from CES 2019.