It is not very fun to link to WiFi in a café or hotel. If you do not need to ask staff to get a password, then they’ll have to print it somewhere — and it’s still a hassle when everything you want to do is check your email. Ten One Design thinks it could have a friction-free response. It is releasing the Wifi Porter, an unassuming timber block that connects your handset to the local network with a tap. NFC-equipped Android phones and 2018 iPhones (the iPhone XS and XR) simply have get near the block to receive a connection prompt, without a app or password required. If your device does not have those luxuries, you can still connect using a QR code on the bottom.

The gadget is currently shipping as of mid-January, and it’s not really that pricey at $40 for a single block and $129 for a four-pack. It is probably overkill in the event that you only want to save home guests the trouble of punching in a code, and it won’t help much if you are connecting your laptop. Still, it may be just the ticket for eateries that would rather spend more time serving meals than answering technical questions.